Massage Therapy

Back Touch Massage Therapy

15mins | $25


Back Massage Therapy (includes exfoliation)

30mins | $55

Foot Touch Therapy (includes soak & exfoliation)

30mins | $55

CVT Therapy (Cycloid Vibration Therapy)

15mins | $25
25mins | $40

This 3 dimensional oscillating unit provides a deep yet non-invasive massage. The NHC Cyclo-Therapy-Massage Hand Unit Class lla is a certified pain relief product, providing instant relief from aches and pains. The intuitive design allows us to target all areas of the body. The rounded end for a soothing, deep massage for fleshy areas or the rubber cup to apply to more bony regions of the body such as the knee, occipital (base of the skull) area etc.


With a choice of intensity options and 3 variations, we can tailor to your specific requirements.


Clinical studies have shown that CVT:

Produces the ability to rest and relax easily and naturally

Sooth most rheumatic pains- including pain relief for Arthritis, Sciatica and Fibromyalgia pain.

Assist muscle relaxation

Ease simple nervous tension

Generates pain relief

Improves local blood circulation

Improves venous & lymphatic drainage

Assist in the reduction of swelling due to excess tissue fluid

Improve joint mobility in most instances

Help to ease high and low back pain

Has no pharmaceutical side effects

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