Ultra-Advanced Facial Services

Pro Power Peel

50mins | $115

Best for: Facial Service Regulars seeking next-level results
Address your skin’s ever-changing needs from aging,
hyperpigmentation and breakouts all in one treatment. While
strong enough to greatly accelerate cell turnover but not so
powerful as to induce severe inflammation, we provide the balance
to achieve your brightest, healthiest skin.


50mins | $140

Best for: Targeting character lines, aging, post-acne pitting
and scars.

Micro-Needling targets to base layer of the Epidermis without
thinning the skin and creates channels increasing product
absorption from 30% to 80%. As these channels repair, collagen is
stimulated from the inflammation and the healing process that takes
place. This is achieved by the Dermal-Stamp. A motorized device
containing a disposable needle cartridge. Depth of Needle and
speed is customised to reach the target depth and stimulation required.


Apollo Duet- Electroporation and Radio Frequency

75mins | $175

Best for: Infusion and Contouring of the skin.
Suitable for all skin types. Electroporation infusion- by temporarily
opening the pores, macromolecules are able to enter through
the cell membrane to infuse serums at a cellular level for greater
effect. It can be used for warming the tissue for infusion but also
for cooling the skin post-treatment. Radio Frequency stimulates
fibroblasts in the skin and regenerates aged collagen. For clients
seeking to improve the quality and contour of the skin. RF uses the
body’s natural healing abilities by delivering heat into the dermis
to stimulate collagen without heating the skin surface.


EP Signature Micro-Needling

75mins | $175

Best for: Targeting character lines with the latest tech innovations.
Combining our latest technologies of Electroporation, Micro
Needling and LED light technology to power up your results.

micro needling.jpg
EP Signature Micro needling.jpg