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Facial Services

Face Mapping Skin Analysis 
20mins | $30

An EP Dermalogica Signature Service provides a professional, in-depth skin analysis based on your skin and lifestyle. Our Dermalogica Experts will help you to achieve your healthiest skin and address any skin concerns.

You will also receive customised product/treatment recommendations and Dermalogica product samples. The cost of treatment is redeemable on product purchase or free with any facial service.

Face Mapping Skin Analysis.jpg

Bespoke Facial Treatments

Personalized to your skin health needs. Our Dermalogica Pro includes the application of the number 1 professional skin care choice Dermalogica, Advanced technology may include BT sonic, BT micro, BT analyze, high frequency, microdermabrasion & LED light therapy.

Simply select your time-tailored pro skin facial service & our Dermalogica Experts will customize these options to provide the full experience of result-driven products, techniques, technology & stress relief.

All our Dermalogica Pro Facials include our base core service of:


  • Double Cleanse

  • Skin Analysis

  • Exfoliation

  • Extraction work (if required)

  • Serum and masque application

  • Massage

  • Tone, Eye Care & Sunscreen/Moisturizer

All of our Dermalogica Pro Facials are personalized to your skin health needs, including the application of the number 1

Proskin 30

30mins | $80

Proskin 40

40mins | $95

Proskin 50

50mins | $110

Proskin 60

60mins | $125

Pro 30.jpeg
Pro 50.jpeg
Pro 60.jpeg

Pro Extraction 

40 - 50mins | $80 - $90

Best for: Teenagers, acne clients
Zone in on congestion and acne with this skin-clearing treatment. With the combination of trained extraction technique, high frequency and breakout control skincare.

This treatment will help deliver the clarity you seek for your skin.

Pro Skin Extraction.jpg

Cold Sore Treatment

Treatment $30

Direct High Frequency is applied to the area to reduce inflammation and accelerate skin recovery.

*Price includes 2 complimentary follow-up treatments if required.

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